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Scott Leith LLB Dip.NZ Policing

I have enjoyed a portfolio career, in New Zealand and overseas, managing the conduct and aftermath of relationships between people.  The truth is that people aren't nice to each other a lot of the time and that causes tension and problems.

People argue about relationships and money, they steal each others' property, employers hire people they shouldn't and then fire them the wrong way. Sometimes people even go so far as to hurt each other or themselves.

I believe strongly that the right intervention can provide a solution to any problem.  Often that solution is for me to present as your lawyer after things have gone wrong and to fix the problem for you as best as it can be done.  On rare occasions I can intervene to prevent a potential problem from occurring or stop an existing situation from worsening to your detriment.

Yes, I'm a lawyer, a private investigator and a security consultant but none of these titles alone really defines exactly what it is that I bring to criminal and employment litigation or private investigations. Finding the solution to your particular problem might call on aspects from all of my skillsets, and that's why I prefer to think of myself simply as a problem solver.

So, if you think you need my expertise, contact me for a confidential assessment of your needs.